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It’s astonishing, after seeing 3 other physicians for pain, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs and finding no cure or relief, I turned to Dr. Capesius and neurology. In just a handful of treatments and with the exercise Dr. Capesius gave me, I am almost cured of all my pain and numbness, I’m also leading a happier, healthier lifestyle.
Larry J. – Green Bay

When I went to see Dr. Capesius I had had sharp shooting pain from my lower back down my leg all the way to my foot for 3 weeks straight. I was having bad pain just standing or putting weight on my leg. Immediately after my first treatment I had some relief; by my third treatment the pain into my leg was gone and the low back relief soon followed. Thanks, Dr. Capesius.
Patty P. – Green Bay

My lower back was excruciating and my thighs were actually numbness from the low back pain. The lower back pain was even hurting my neck and upper back. Right after starting treatment my thigh numbness was gone and the back pain was going away.
Amanda D. – Green Bay

Dr. Capesius has been like a savior to me. When something happens and my neck or back are in bad shape I know in a few treatments he will make me feel normal again. I have been proud to refer my friends to him because of his skill and honesty.
Carol H. – Green Bay

Before I went to Dr. Capesius my other doctors told me I had “golfers elbow.” The pain in my elbow was severe; I could barely touch the area it hurt so much. After 6 weeks of horrible pain and a steroid injection that did not help, I went to Dr. Capesius for help. Am I glad I did, in just a few treatments, I’m doing great again.
Ruth R. – Green Bay

I woke up one day with severe pain and tightness in my neck and upper back. I could barely move and what movement I had hurt even more. Dr. Capesius had helped me with my back pain several years ago, so I called him and asked him to help me again. He treated me that same day and got rid of my pain and tightness. Thanks Dr. Capesius.
Jenny C. – Green Bay

Dr. Capesius fixed my dizziness with one treatment! I was having bad dizziness called vertigo, the whole room seemed like it was moving and I felt like I was spinning whenever I moved my head or got up. After having this for 5 days straight another chiropractor told me I should be evaluated by Dr. Capesius. Am I glad I did. 1 treatment and the dizziness was gone!!
Carol A. – Green Bay

I went to see Dr. Capesius because I was having sharp sciatic pain from my butt all the way down my leg to the ankle, the whole leg was also achy and stiff. The pain while trying to sleep was terrible, but even little things like sneezing or sitting would make the pain worse. I’m glad to say in less than 2 weeks Dr. Capesius got rid of all my pain.
Jean A. – Green Bay

Originally, I had hurt my lower back about 2 years ago and I just learned to live with the pain, but all of a sudden my back pain got much more intense, constant and intolerable. I was in agony for 3 days before I decided to have Dr. Capesius examine me. I went to him because of his Neurology expertise. I couldn’t believe it, after my first treatment I was 95% improved and the agony I had been in for 3 days was gone!
Patrick – Green Bay

I had been suffering with back pain and headaches daily. My family doctor put me on medication with no relief. I then saw a different chiropractor with little help. A friend told me to go to Green Bay and see Dr. Capesius. Dr. Capesius and a combination of chiropractic and neurological therapy worked for me! My recovery has been amazing. I’m so happy to have found him.
Jeff R. – Seymour

I had suffered with lower back pain for over 5 years. I had tried treatment at another chiropractor and even received steroid shots in my lower back due to bulging in discs with very little relief. As my pain began to get more constant I went to see Dr. Capesius, am I happy I did, he has finally given me the relief I had been seeking for so long.
Mark Z. – Green Bay

When I went to get treated by Dr. Capesius I had been suffering with back pain and sciatica down my right leg to the foot for a month. Lying down, walking, getting into and out of my car and just sitting all made my back pain and sciatica worse. I am pleased to say in a very short period of time Dr. Capesius helped resolve my back pain and sciatica.
Alice B. – Green Bay

I first sought treatment from Dr. Capesius for carpal tunnel syndrome, heel spur pain and intense chronic neck and back pain. Almost immediately the carpal tunnel syndrome and heel pain was gone and the aching and throbbing in my neck and back was greatly reduced, soon to be a memory. It is so nice to find a doctor you can trust and who tells you all your treatment options.

Even more astonishing was the evaluation and treatment he gave my 9 year old daughter, not only did he fix her injury, she was able to get off the lousy ADHD medication she had been on for two years.

I definitely recommend seeing this chiropractic neurologist.
Heather C. – Green Bay, WI

Before treating with Dr. Capesius I had suffered with arthritis and a disc herniation in my neck for a year and a half. The nerve in my neck was being compressed, I had neck pain and my left arm was numb down into my fingers. Dr. Capesius told me I would be a difficult case due to the severity of my condition; however, he agreed to help me. In a short time the arm numbness and neck pain was improving, and, I am happy to say, the arm numbness is now gone. Thank you, Dr. Capesius, for helping me and keeping me out of the operating room.
Rick F. – Green Bay

I had been suffering from lingering pain in my neck, shoulder, and upper arm pain on and off for over a year. After doctor visits and an MRI of the shoulder that did not reveal the cause of my problem, I sought evaluation by Dr. Scott Capesius. I did so because he had helped me in the past with lower back pain, also because of his neurological qualifications, and to see if EMG testing could give me the answers as to my diagnosis and what options I had for treatment. After physical examination it was determined I was a candidate for EMG testing and testing was then performed. As a result of the testing I was finally confident in the diagnosis I now had. The testing also resulted in a rehabilitation program that resolved the condition I had been seeking relief from. I am 48 years old and have had complete trust and confidence in two doctors in my life, one of those is Dr. Scott Capesius, my chiropractor. I would like to mention that by Dr. Capesius performing these tests in his office, I saved time by not having to run around to additional doctor offices, and I saved myself and my insurance company the additional health care cost.
Larry P. – Green Bay

After 4 months of arm and hand pain and numbness I wanted to know why, and I wanted it fixed. After being confused by the diagnosis given to me and not happy with the options presented to me, I went to see Dr. Capesius, my chiropractor, who had helped myself and others in my family in the past with other unrelated problems. Because of the odd symptoms I was having Dr. Capesius advised EMG testing. I agreed, was tested, and was finally given a diagnosis of a simple carpal tunnel syndrome. I then received treatment by Dr. Capesius and I am happy to say my carpal tunnel syndrome is gone.
Harold D. – Green Bay

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