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Do you have joint or muscle pain?

If you're having pain in the joints or muscles, our experienced staff will help relieve those symptoms.

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Do you suffer needlessly with carpal tunnel pain?

At Chiropractic Neurology & Rehabilitation Center, the focus is on chiropractic methods as well as advanced neurological diagnosis and treatment methods to relieve and expedite healing of joint, muscle and nerve related conditions.

Advanced diagnosis with electrondiagnostic testing.
One of the advanced diagnosis methods utilized at the center is electrodiagnostic testing. This testing helps to correctly diagnose the location and severity of many nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other pain or numbness radiating from the elbow or neck, as well as sciatica type pains that may be resulting from compression in the lower back or leg.

Proper diagnosis leads to effective treatments.
Knowing what is causing the problem really helps to localize more effective treatment procedures.

Don’t let carpal tunnel syndrome effect your life.

Sometimes the symptoms can be so severe that the sufferer cannot perform simple tasks with the fingers or starts to drop things. Many find relief in expensive and possibly painful surgery, some do not. Others, who do not want to go through surgery or lose work time, often can be treated successfully using a combination of conservative therapies and exercise.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness in hands and fingers
  • Pain worsening at night

Find out which nerve is causing the issue.
It is possible to have tingling in the fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders and it has nothing to do with a carpal tunnel syndrome; instead the cause can be from an elbow nerve entrapment, shoulder problem or even a nerve problem in the neck.

Correctly diagnosing your problem I really key to improvement and what’s unique about our office compared to other therapy centers who treat CTS is we perform all the “Gold Standard” electrodiagnostic tests to find out what nerve(s) is causing the problem, how bad is the nerve working and where we need to direct therapy.

If you suspect you have CTS, sciatica or other radiating type of pain or numbness and for safe, effective treatment, specifically, and correctly applied to your case free of drugs and surgery, give us a call.

Don't suffer with carpel tunnel syndrome. Call today to schedule an appointment. We accept new patients and most insurance is accepted.


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